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The Sale

Jon Gordon and Alex Demczak tell the story of Matt Williams, a sales representative for Turnbow Technologies, an aviation technology company founded by his grandfather. Matt encounters many obstacles both personally and professionally, and ultimately finds himself in a struggling marriage, an unfulfilling job, in a desperate search for answers, and at the crossroads of a major decision that will determine his future.

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Thrive U

​Thrive U is a hard hitting sports devotional that inspires athletes to Thrive! 100 collegiate and professional athletes representing 20 sports from across the country document their testimonies, trials, and triumphs as they aim to play for a bigger purpose! This must read devotional was created for athletes who don’t simply want to survive…but to Thrive! Join the movement!

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In “Bestseller,” Alex Demczak and Will Severns, co-founders of Streamline Books, usher authors into a profound paradigm shift. This book challenges the conventional narrative of authorial success, unraveling the glittering allure of bestseller lists to reveal a deeper truth.

With a fusion of pragmatic wisdom and impassioned advocacy, Demczak and Severns debunk the myth that commercial triumph equates to lasting fulfillment for writers. Drawing from their entrepreneurial journey at Streamline Books and conversations with industry luminaries, they illuminate a path less traveled—a path where the pursuit of meaningful, impactful storytelling eclipses the chase for fleeting status.

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