Patrick Mahomes and Demi Lovato

by Feb 3, 2020

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What we can learn from Patrick Mahomes & Demi Lovato


Check out these tweets from Patrick Mahomes and Demi Lovato from 2013 and 2010!

 If you were watching the Superbowl over the weekend, you saw the Kansas City Chiefs win Superbowl LIV in amazing fashion and you heard Demi Lovato belt out the National Anthem in an equally inspiring fashion. These tweets are pretty incredible to read, considering they were “tweeted” many years earlier. You might not be a professional football player or vocalist, but most likely, you do have the desire to experience greatness in some area of your life. Here are three things we can learn from Patrick Mahomes and Demi Lovato.

1. Identify the “Win”: Many people have broad dreams, but few have defined specific goals to help them achieve those goals. Patrick Mahomes and Demi Lovato were crystal clear on what they wanted to accomplish. 

2. Measure past performance: Think back to a time when you performed at a high level. What did you do that led to success?  Take the time to define what has worked for you in the past and keep doing it!

3. Align daily habits with long term goals: It is easy to define the long term goal, but aligning your daily actions with your goals takes discipline. Every quarter I conduct a “time audit.” For a few days, I track what I do each hour of the day. It is pretty shocking to see how much extra time I actually have during the course of a day. Align your daily habits with what you want to accomplish and go for it!


Go Chiefs!

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